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The Know Your Heritage game show series is designed to encourage an appreciation of different cultures by presenting information in an entertaining game show format. The game show format is intended to generate a high level of excitement and enthusiasm by featuring high school teenagers engaged in a spirit of healthy competition.

The specific objectives of the Know Your Heritage game show series are to (1) foster greater knowledge of various cultures by sharing information about these cultures and (2) to inspire all people, young and old, to have an appreciation of the contributions of minorities to the way of life all Americans (and citizens of other nations) take pride in and relish. Know Your Heritage is hosted by Mr. Greg Alan Williams


If you are a Chicagoland area high school Administrator or Faculty member interested in having your students participate in the “Know Your Heritage” game show series please click here for the entry form. Print and complete the form and fax back to our office.  A letter of invitation to attend our coaches meeting will go out in the 2nd week of September.  Playoff games to advance to the game show series will take place in November.  Study guides for the students and coach will be provided. 

Know Your Heritage



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